Новый jac s7 2021 в россии: семейный кроссовер в оригинальном дизайне


  • Jak appeared as an unlockable skin in Ratchet: Deadlocked.
  • Jak appeared in Hot shot’s Golf FORE! with Daxter as his caddy.
  • Along with being a costume in LittleBigPlanet 1, 2, and Karting, he is also part of DLC in the game ModNation Racers.
  • In the affiliated game series Ratchet & Clank, many of the billboards would have pictures of Jak and Daxter, and Ratchet’s Holovision in Endako appears with Jak and Daxter on it. More pictures of Jak and Daxter appear on planet Damosel, where, upon collecting a certain gadget, Ratchet and Clank will also perform one of Jak and Daxter’s collectible dances from The Precursor Legacy.
  • Jak (along with Daxter) appeared in The Last of Us, another video game created by Naughty Dog Inc., in the form of a piñata, and a board game. There were also easter eggs including the name of a coffee shop «Java Jak Coffee Cart,» and a poster for a man named «Jack Sullivinsky» (also a reference to Victor Sullivan from the Uncharted series).



Daxter interrupts Jak and Keira’s attempt to kiss.

Jak has had numerous relationships with other characters throughout the series. The first, and perhaps most significant, is the secondary protagonist, Jak’s sidekick, Daxter. Jak and Daxter, while both sharing a titular role in the game, have been close friends throughout the series. Arguably, it is Jak that is responsible for Daxter’s transformation from human to ottsel, which set the stage even further for Daxter’s role as a «sidekick.» Daxter occasionally remarks that it was Jak’s fault that he became an Ottsel, nevertheless he always remains a loyal friend to Jak, even during the time Jak had become more aggresive and prone to anger bursts. When Jak first transformed into Dark Jak, Daxter was able to snap Jak out of it.

As noted by one of Naughty Dog’s developers, Daxter and Jak’s relationship is inseparable, which was brought to further light in Jak 3, when Daxter stayed behind with Jak in the desert, and likewise, Jak stayed behind with Daxter towards the end of the game. Additionally, Daxter spent two years looking for his close companion while he was imprisoned, in addition to showing multiple signs of loyalty to him.

Love interests

Jak’s main love interest throughout the series is Keira. Jak and Keira were raised in Sandover Village together, and only showed brief flirtation during The Precursor Legacy and Jak II (although it was clear to the spectator the two had a love interest). In Jak 3, Keira was hardly present, and Jak’s main love interest turned to Ashelin Praxis, the governess of Haven City who he first met in Jak II. The third game is the only game to show Ashelin being Jak’s love interest (in which they kissed), whilst in the following game, Jak X: Combat Racing, Keira comes back as Jak’s main love interest and the two are clearly a couple, and after four games, share their first kiss. In The Lost Frontier, their relationship is solidified, as they show numerous traits of being together, and share another kiss towards the end of the game. In PlayStation AllStars: Battle Royale, Jak expresses multiple times of how he misses her.

Samos Hagai

Jak’s main father figure throughout the series is Samos Hagai, who raised him since he was an infant. Samos, then known as the Shadow, met young Jak when he was an heir to the throne of Haven City. Jak’s true father, Damas, had been dethroned and banished from the city, leaving Jak an orphan. Samos took care of young Jak in his war against the city’s new ruler, Baron Praxis, though he often left Kor to babysit him. After Jak defeated Metal Kor, Samos took Jak’s younger self back in the past and raised him in Sandover Village so that Jak could grow in a safe place far away from Kor.

During Jak’s time at Sandover Village Samos was frequently annoyed by Jak. According to Samos, Jak frequently ignored Samos’ wisdom and disobeyed his instructions, best seen when Jak went to Misty Island. Likewise Samos often doubted Jak’s talent as an adventurer and dismissed the thought of him being a hero, insisting that Jak should focus more on developing his Eco harnessing abilities. After Jak defeated Gol and Maia Samos admitted that Jak is indeed an adept hero. Once Jak learned the truth about how Samos took his younger self to the past and raised him, the two became much closer and Samos would go on to be Jak’s mentor throughout the series.


Jak did not have any relationship with his father due to their loss of contact since Jak’s infancy until they met again at Spargus, at that time neither recognized the other as father and son, as Damas was unaware that Jak had been sent to the past only to return as a young adult. Sometime after Damas was banished from Haven City, he instructed Sig to go the city as a spy in hopes that Sig would eventually find his lost son.

At first Damas considered Jak to be just another expendable warrior that Spargus picked up from the desert and was infuriated when Jak refused to fight Sig at the arena. Despite this, both Jak and Damas quickly became close and grew to trust each other and Damas soon came to consider Jak as one of his most valuable Wastelanders.

Right after Damas passed away due to a fatal accident in the Slam Dozer after battling a league of Dark Makers, Jak discovered that Damas was his real father when Damas said that his lost son would be wearing the amulet of the House of Mar, which Jak immediately recognized as the same amulet his younger self wore. Shortly after observing this, Veger tauntingly confirmed Jak’s supposition. Jak made numerous remarks from that point on, and even in future games such as Jak X: Combat Racing, The Lost Frontier, and PlayStation AllStars: Battle Royale, about how his acts (often going into battle) were «for Damas.»


jak (plural )

  1. yak


Inflection (stem in -o-, back harmony)
singular plural
non-attributivepossessive — singular
non-attributivepossessive — plural
Possessive forms of jak
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. jakom jakjaim
2nd person sing. jakod jakjaid
3rd person sing. jakja jakjai
1st person plural jakunk jakjaink
2nd person plural jakotok jakjaitok
3rd person plural jakjuk jakjaik

Non-canon appearances[]

PlayStation Move Heroes

Jak, along with is sidekick Daxter, appeared in the game PlayStation Move Heroes, accompanying characters from similar and affiliated video games, Ratchet & Clank, and Sly Cooper.

In the opening cutscene, Jak and Daxter were featured driving in a zoomer through what appeared to be the Industrial Sector of Haven City and further into the Slums, where an unnamed and unknown antagonist told them that he had taken control of their vehicle. Jak and Daxter jumped out of the vehicle where they were frozen in motion and sucked into a wormhole which subsequently dumped them on a mysterious planet, where Jak first suspected Ratchet of the sudden turn of events.

It was then revealed that two creatures named Lunk and Gleeber were responsible, who set up a competition for the three duos known as the «Inter-Universal Hero Games.» The Games were actually a malicious plot to steal chunks of the planets of the heroes in order to form a ring around a mysterious new planet in the universe, Lunk and Gleeber being an evil alien duo who enslaved an alien race known as Whibbles, forcing them to mine the heroes’ planets hollow. Eventually it was revealed that the new planet is actually a teleportation device, intended for the villains to take the heroes’ place back home. The team defeats the alien duo and manages to use the device for themselves to return home safely.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Jak and Daxter also appear in the game PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. In their story, Jak and Daxter set out to find a stronger source of eco. They run into Ratchet and Clank and proceed to fight after Daxter mistakes them for a two-headed creature, meanwhile Clank calls him a weasel creature where after it escalates quickly.

They went through several more battles, fighting against various strange characters and people. Eventually they managed to win and retrieve the «eco,» which turns out to be «All-Star Power,» an unrelated power source. They then return home.


Etymology 1edit

From Proto-Slavic *jako (“how, in which way”).



  1. Jak masz na imię? ― What’s your name? (informal)
    Jak się masz? ― How are you? (informal)
    Jak to zrobiłeś?How did you do that?
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  1. Jak widać, jeszcze nie skończyłam.As you can see, I haven’t finished yet.
    Jego ojciec jest silny jak wół. ― His father is strong as an ox.
  2. Wyglądasz jak obcokrajowiec. ― You look like a foreigner.
  3. () ; replaces ,

    Jak byłem w lesie, to widziałem niedźwiedzia.When I was in the forest, I saw a bear.
  4. () ; replaces ,

    Jak będziesz dalej tak robiła, to w końcu cię rzuci.If you keep doing that, he’ll eventually dump you.
  5. () ; replaces

    Typ nie miał więcej jak metr sześćdziesiąt. ― The guy was no taller than five feet three.
  6. , used with a superlative

    Zrobię to jak najszybciej. ― I’ll do it as soon as possible.

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jak najbardziej

Etymology 2edit

Polish Wikipedia has an article on:jak

Wikipedia pl

From Tibetan (g.yag), from Proto-Sino-Tibetan *g-jak ~ g-jaŋ.


jak m anim

  1. (mammal)

Declension of jak

singular plural
nominative jak
genitive jaków
dative jakowi jakom
instrumental jakiem jakami
locative jakach


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The first proposal for Jak, codenamed «the kid.»

Development on Jak’s character began in the year 2000, when Naughty Dog commissioned Charles Zembillas to design both the main character, his sidekick, and what would eventually become lurkers (then codenamed «critters»). The first sketches of Jak depicted a young teenage boy, who wore villager’s clothes. In the earlier stages following the original proposition, Jak’s race (as well as many other main characters in the game) pertained more to a wolf-like character with native-American attributes such as face paint and headdresses. Towards the middle of Jak’s development, Naughty Dog’s Bob Rafei took over development for Jak and created a more human character with subtle yet clear athletic aesthetics. Jak’s final character would depict a teenage boy with spiky blond hair, blue tunic, and long pointed ears.


Etymology 1edit

From Proto-Slavic *akъ.

IPA(key): /jâːk/


jȃk (definite , comparative jȁčī, Cyrillic spelling )

  1. strong

positive indefinite forms

singular masculine feminine neuter
nominative jak jaka jako
genitive jaka jake jaka
dative jaku jakoj jaku
accusative inanimateanimate jakjaka jaku jako
vocative jak jaka jako
locative jaku jakoj jaku
instrumental jakim jakom jakim
plural masculine feminine neuter
nominative jaki jake jaka
genitive jakih jakih jakih
dative jakim(a) jakim(a) jakim(a)
accusative jake jake jaka
vocative jaki jake jaka
locative jakim(a) jakim(a) jakim(a)
instrumental jakim(a) jakim(a) jakim(a)

positive definite forms

singular masculine feminine neuter
nominative jaki jaka jako
genitive jakog(a) jake jakog(a)
dative jakom(u/e) jakoj jakom(u/e)
accusative inanimateanimate jakijakog(a) jaku jako
vocative jaki jaka jako
locative jakom(e/u) jakoj jakom(e/u)
instrumental jakim jakom jakim
plural masculine feminine neuter
nominative jaki jake jaka
genitive jakih jakih jakih
dative jakim(a) jakim(a) jakim(a)
accusative jake jake jaka
vocative jaki jake jaka
locative jakim(a) jakim(a) jakim(a)
instrumental jakim(a) jakim(a) jakim(a)

comparative forms

singular masculine feminine neuter
nominative jači jača jače
genitive jačeg(a) jače jačeg(a)
dative jačem(u) jačoj jačem(u)
accusative inanimateanimate jačijačeg(a) jaču jače
vocative jači jača jače
locative jačem(u) jačoj jačem(u)
instrumental jačim jačom jačim
plural masculine feminine neuter
nominative jači jače jača
genitive jačih jačih jačih
dative jačim(a) jačim(a) jačim(a)
accusative jače jače jača
vocative jači jače jača
locative jačim(a) jačim(a) jačim(a)
instrumental jačim(a) jačim(a) jačim(a)

superlative forms

singular masculine feminine neuter
nominative najjači najjača najjače
genitive najjačeg(a) najjače najjačeg(a)
dative najjačem(u) najjačoj najjačem(u)
accusative inanimateanimate najjačinajjačeg(a) najjaču najjače
vocative najjači najjača najjače
locative najjačem(u) najjačoj najjačem(u)
instrumental najjačim najjačom najjačim
plural masculine feminine neuter
nominative najjači najjače najjača
genitive najjačih najjačih najjačih
dative najjačim(a) najjačim(a) najjačim(a)
accusative najjače najjače najjača
vocative najjači najjače najjača
locative najjačim(a) najjačim(a) najjačim(a)
instrumental najjačim(a) najjačim(a) najjačim(a)


jȁk m (Cyrillic spelling )

  1. yak (ox-like mammal)
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