2019 audi rs9 coupe

Преемник Audi TT

Выход на рынок: 2021 год

Дни купе Audi TT сочтены. Король умер, да здравствует король! На место двухдверки метит четырехдверный универсал, сочетающий в своем стиле элементы хэтчбека, который также заменит A3 Sportback и A5 Sportback одновременно.

Яркая внешность, спортивный бампер в передней части, плоская крыша и скошенная задняя дверь. Визуально модель явно напоминает оригинальный Quattro. TT использует универсальную платформу MQB. По размерам Audi нечто среднее между C-Class и 4-й серии. Но на 10 000 евро дешевле.

По двигателям сто процентов будут гибридные вариации или даже модели с полной электрификацией.

Audi e-tron GT

Цена: до 100 000 евроВыход на рынок : 2021 год

На автосалоне в Лос-Анджелесе в 2018 году инженеры из Германии представили исследование e-tron GT – первый серийный автомобиль, который должен быть поставлен покупателям в начале 2021 года.

Внешне форма напоминает купеподобные спортбэки марки под управлением ДВС: агрессивные линии кузова, знакомые обводы и габариты. Дизайн проработан с учетом электрификации модели, новая архитектура обладает плоским дном, где располагаются аккумуляторы, для занижения центра тяжести.

Мощность соответствует 590 л. с., крутящий момент неизвестен, но доподлинно можно сказать, что максимальное его значение будет доступно при первом же нажатии на педаль акселератора.

Спортивные амбиции здесь также в почете. Экологически чистый электрокар позволит разгоняться до 100 км/ч за 4 секунды, а не уйти с дороги поможет фирменная полноприводная система Quattro и система векторизации крутящего момента.

2021 Audi R9 Release Date

The Audi R9 V10 Decennium is various. Very various. Not just was it a ground-breaking supercar, yet it was likewise an image-changing supercar.

Before the R9, Audi was greatly known as a deluxe company that had a solid motorsports program.

It could construct and also develop championship-winning race vehicles, yet that experience, as well as the technological capacity that opted for it, never translated to an actual road-going efficiency car and truck.

The arrival of the Audi R 9 2021 not only turned that narrative, yet it likewise altered it completely.

If anything, the Audi R 9 showcased Audi in an entirely different light. Before the R9 showed up, Audi was the well-off uncle who provided you cool presents when he had cash.

Once the 2021 Audi R9 showed up, it became the well-off uncle that offered you outstanding gifts constantly.

Audi R9 2021 Interior

Minimalism never felt so extravagant. Moving the infotainment screen that usually resides high in the center of the dashboard to the tool cluster provides a refreshingly basic format and allows the magnificently formed sporting activity seats as well as high-resolution electronic scale collection to take the spotlight in the R9’s cabin.

Audi permits a fair bit of customization when it involves interior shades and appearances: black, gray, brown, and also red leather is supplied in either a flat or quilted pattern and also with either matching or contrasting sewing.

Overall, it’s a perfectly executed cockpit with easy-to-reach controls consisting of glossy features such as the ignition button located on the steering wheel.

No person gets a supercar for its usefulness, and also the R9 does not throw the segment pattern by using real freight capability.

In our screening, the R9 provided an area for simply among our carry-on suitcases, so pack light.

The exceptional Online Cabin gauge collection does double duty, displaying both instrumentation and also the MMI infomercial system,

As well as it really feels as futuristic here as it carries out in Audi’s various other cars and trucks such as the A4 and also the TT.

High-resolution navigation is typical, as well as the system can be regulated through voice commands, steering-wheel-mounted controls, or a click wheel on the center console.

An onboard 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot is also basic; Apple CarPlay and also Android Car capability are, also.


Для отечественного покупателя Audi R8 доступна исключительно в топовой комплектации V10 plus, ее отличительными чертами являются: легкие и прочные кованые колесные диски на 19 дюймов, эксклюзивная кожаная отделка салона, керамические тормоза долговечные и стойкие к экстремальным нагрузкам, многофункциональное рулевое колесо, обшитое кожей, заднее антикрыло, призванное прижимать заднюю часть автомобиля к дороге для бескомпромиссного контакта с покрытием и наконец удобные и функциональные сидения ковши, надежно фиксирующие тело водителя и пассажира на крутых виражах.


V-8 from 2018 Audi A8

The drivetrain that will motivate the upcoming RS9 is still a mystery, but it will make the coupe run amazingly fast. Both the engine and transmission will come from the RS8, which has yet to break to cover, but word has it that the sedan will get its juice from either an extremely beefed-up 4.0-liter V-8 or a bigger 6.0-liter W-12. The latter cranks out an impressive 600 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque in the Bentley Bentayga SUV and seems to be the obvious choice here.

Belt driven starter-alternator from 2018 Audi

Output should be similar given that the most powerful A8-based model yet, the S8 Plus, had 605 horsepower and 516 pound-feet, but it doesn’t necessarily have to surpass the 600-horsepower mark. With the new A8 platform significantly lighter, the RS9 would have a superior power-to-weight ratio with a sub-600-horsepower rating.

On the other hand, if it wants to give the Mercedes-AMG S63 and the upcoming BMW M8 a run for their money, Audi needs to aim for at least 610 horses. And who knows, maybe Audi will also offer an RS8 Plus with at least 650 horses, just enough for the Mercedes-AMG S65 and the upcoming BMW M7.

The W-12 engine will most likely mate to an automatic transmission, as well as Audi’s already familiar Quattro all-wheel-drive system. As far as performance goes, the RS9 should be able to hit 60 mph in 3.8 seconds or less (3.7 is definitely doable with a good setup). As usual, top speed will be limited at 155 mph, but Audi will probably offer a limited delete option that increases the benchmark to around 190 mph.

Audi R9 2021 Redesign

10 years earlier, Audi surprised the auto globe when it uncorked an all-wheel drive, a ten-cylinder supercar that introduced a new period of efficiency for the German car manufacturer.

This year, the Audi R9 turns a year old, and Audi’s entertaining for its precious performance device with a scandal sheet model called the R9 V10 Decennium.

Drawn from the Latin word that essentially implies “decade,” the R9 V10 Decennium is a suitable ode to a supercar that played a substantial role in redefining the supercar segment. Only 222 designs of the wedding anniversary R9 will certainly be offered.

Each design is priced at EUR220,000, which transforms to around $250,000 based on current exchange rates. The Audi R9 Decennium appears starting in the spring of 2019.


Note: Audi A8 interior shown here.

Much like exterior, the interior will be almost identical to the standard A9, which in turn will be heavily based on the new A8. Basically you’ll get a set of extra features that come with the RS package, consisting mostly of exclusive that you can’t get on the A9. The latest A8 has many new features to brag about, including a version of its continuous air vent dashboard design, finer materials, and an overall cleaner, more elegant layout. The horizontal lines give the cabin a wide look, while the smooth, clean surfaces of the center stack add to the elegant appearance.

The RS9 be similar, but Audi will add a few sportier touches, including carbon-fiber trim, a flat-bottom steering wheel, and instrument cluster and infotainment screens with bespoke displays and menus. The comfortable front seats in the standard will be replaced by sportier, bolstered units for optimum lateral support during spirited driving, but the rear passengers seats should remain stock. Speaking of the rear compartment, the coupe configuration will come with a few inconveniences compared to the sedan.

For starters, ingress and egress will be made via the front doors, so getting inside and out over the tilted front backseats won’t be as comfortable. Also, while legroom is likely to remain similar to the sedan, shoulder room and headroom will decrease due to the coupe-style roofline. Not as much as to make riding in the rear seats uncomfortable, but tall people will definitely have more room in the sedan.

The tech package should be identical to the standard model and include Audi’s latest infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and the new AI traffic jam pilot, which works like a semi-autonomous system in heavy and slow-moving traffic up to a speed of 37 mph. It also has a remote parking system through which the driver uses a smartphone app to monitor and park the car via the 360-degree camera.


With the latest-generation A8 in full view and on its way to showrooms, we have a good base for the A9’s design. Like its competitors, Audi will be looking to roll out a coupe that’s recognizable as an Audi as well as a sibling of its range-topping vehicle. So it’s safe tu assume that the front fascia will be almost identical to the sedan’s. So look for the same massive Singleframe grille with the Audi rings on the upper section, angular headlamps with LED light clusters, muscular engine hood, and big vents at each corner of the bumper.

Audi A8 Audi RS9 Coupe

Of course, this being an RS model the said intakes will grow even larger, to the point that they will occupy nearly the entire area under the headlamps. The grille will change too. While the shape and size will remain the same, the RS9 will ditch the horizontal slats of the standard model in favor of a race-inspired honeycomb mesh. An «RS9» badge will also adorn the more aggressive nose. Below, look for a redesigned air dam, carbon-fiber winglets, and a larger splitter.

Moving onto the sides, it’s here where the RS9 will get a unique look. Again, the coupe will be identical to its sedan sibling from the nose to the B-pillar, but everything will be different toward the rear fascia. As you might expect, the shorter roof will have a slanted rear glass and shorter quarter windows. By contrast, the door windows will be longer, as will the doors. Toward the back, we should see more muscular rear fenders and a shorter deck lid. The RS package will add extra vents on the front fenders, more aggressive side skirts, new wheels wrapped in low-profile tires, and a lower ride height for improved handling and a sportier stance.

Around back, apart from the modified, shorter deck lid and the aggressively raked windscreen, the coupe should retain most of the sedan’s features. As you might already know, the new A8 sports slimmer taillights with pointy edges toward the outer sides and a narrower stripe that connects both light units just above the license plate. This new design should work great with the sleeker coupe design, but on the other hand it reminds me a bit too much of the current Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. The RS package should also add new badges and a revised lower rear bumper that will include a diffuser and a four-pipe exhaust layout.

Overall, the upcoming RS9 should be as sleek and elegant as the Mercedes-AMG S63 and sporty enough to give the BMW M8 a run for its money.


The Audi A9 will definitely be a special car and the main reason is that it will be Audi’s first full-fledged grand tourer. The fact that it will also get an RS version will only spice things up and prove that Audi is finally set to take on BMW and Mercedes-Benz on all important fronts. There’s still some mystery regarding its release date and drivetrain, but beyond that, both the A9 and RS9 are necessary machines in Audi’s lineup and two cars that could increase the brand’s visibility on the premium market.

  • Love it

    • Aggressive, muscular design
    • Loads of new tech inside
    • Powerful drivetrain and AWD
  • Leave it

    • Not yet confirmed for production
    • Tough competition

Audi R9 Price

Audi R9 2021 Price With a vehicle as fancy as the 2021 Audi R9, we would certainly suggest choosing the Spyder design.

Nevertheless, with the top down, sightseers will certainly be able to get a far better check out the fortunate dog behind the wheel. Selecting in between the standard and Efficiency models is a tougher decision.

On the one hand, also the 562-hp variation of the V-10 engine supplies extraordinary acceleration as well as the same shouting sob as the 602-hp version.

On the other hand, rolling up to the next Cars as well as a Coffee occasion with the ultimate 2021 Audi R9 might feel simply that little extra amazing.

Audi R9 Engine

The R9’s V-10 engine is supplied in 2 toughness, both potent sufficient to knock the wind out of innocent passengers and efficient in scorching your eardrums with their otherworldly exhalations.

The R9’s seven-speed dual-clutch automatic isn’t precisely the smoothest gearbox and periodically it downshifts as well abruptly and also probably deeply, creating neck-snapping velocity followed by a virtually instant upshift to a greater gear.

The base R9 comes requirement with an adaptive suspension, while Efficiency versions are fitted with an extra aggressive, fixed-damper setup.

Both take in bumps admirably as well as supply a comfortable trip that you can endure without exhaustion on lengthy trips.

The R9’s flexible nature includes a downside, nonetheless: In full-attack mode, it just doesn’t handle corners as with confidence as its rivals, and also often it feels a lot more uncertain than you would certainly expect from a supercar.

The conventional guiding configuration is direct and communicates info from the roadway to the chauffeur’s hands with just a mild filter.

An affordable choice is not. But does that really issue? For the record, all-wheel-drive R9 versions, no matter roof covering type or horsepower ranking, have the very same EPA estimates for fuel economy– however, they aren’t remarkable.

As a matter of fact, the R9’s gas economy (13 mpg in the city and 20 on the freeway if you really want to know) is so reduced that all buyers have to pay a $1700 gas-guzzler tax obligation as part of the price. So be it.

Двигатель Audi R8

Российским покупателем Audi R8 предложат один единственный двигатель, это V10 объемом 5204 кубических сантиметра, который развивает умопомрачительные 610 лошадиных сил и 560 Нм крутящего момента. С таким силовым агрегатом Ауди Р8 выстрелит до первой сотни за 3,2 секунды, а второю сотню наберет за 9,9 секунд, скоростной потолок в свою очередь составит 330 километров в час. Аппетит у машины соответствующий, во время поездки в черте города Audi R8 будет потреблять 17,5 литров 98 бензина на 100 километров пути, при движении по загородной трассе расход составит 9,3 литра, а при езде в смешанном цикле- 12,3 литра. Глядя на эти цифры, создается впечатление, что стандартный бак на 83 литра маловат. Но производитель предусмотрел режим движения накатом чтобы хоть как-то умерить аппетиты спорткара.

База и размеры Audi R8

Новый Audi R8 стал легче прошлой генерации на целых 50 килограмм, его длина составляет 4426 мм, ширина 1940 мм, высота 1240 мм, клиренс у спорткара подобающий- 104 мм, а объем багажника всего 112 литров, но это не имеет большого значения для автомобиля такого рода.

А вот подвеска нового Audi R8 действительно стоит упоминания. Она полностью независимая и многорычажная, в ней широко используются высокотехнологичные и очень легкие сплавы, у новой модели она стала еще жестче и агрессивней благодаря настройкам пружин и амортизаторов, после чего автомобиль теперь лучше держит дорогу и ведет себя намного стабильней на предельных скоростях. За дополнительную плату Audi R8 можно оборудовать адаптивными амортизаторами Magnetic Ride. От обычных они отличаются тем, что вместо масла или газа внутри корпуса залита магнитно-реологическая жидкость, которая может менять свои свойства в зависимости от окружающего магнитного поля, а также имеются две катушки. Принцип работы прост: при необходимости на катушку подается электрический ток, та в свою очередь создает электромагнитное поле и жидкость внутри стойки становится более плотной, что замедляет ход поршня внутри, делая подвеску более жесткой.


Mercedes-AMG S63 / Mercedes-AMG S65

Mercedes-AMG S63 Mercedes-AMG S65

Essentially the only vehicle of this type on the market right now, the Mercedes-AMG S63 is a two-door version of the large S-Class. This coupe is already an iconic presence on the market, having managed to steal some attention from the much more established Bentley Continental GT. The AMG-prepped tourer comes in two flavors. The «base» model is the S63, which just received a new twin-turbo, 4.0-liter V-8 instead of the old 5.5-liter unit. This powerplant cranks out 603 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque, paired with all-wheel-drive for a 0-to-60 sprint in under four seconds. The other one is the S65, motivated by a larger twin-turbo, 6.0-liter V-12 with 621 horsepower and a whopping 738 pound-feet of torque at its disposal. But despite being more powerful, the S65 is actually slower than the S63 due to being a RWD-only model. Pricing for the Mercedes-AMG S63 starts from $164,750, while the S65 retails from $236,250.

Read our reviews of the Mercedes-AMG S63 and S65.


BMW enthusiasts have been waiting for an M version of the 8 Series since the early 1980s, but it never became reality. Instead, BMW discontinued the model and replaced with the 6 Series. But the 8 Series is set to return in 2018 and the German firm has already confirmed that it will get an M version. Previewed by a concept car that brings together some of the company’s current styling cues and some futuristic bits, the production M8 will stand out quite a bit from the 7 Series. Considering what we can get in other range-topping M models, it’s safe to assume that the M8 will get its juice from a twin-turbo V-8 or V-12. Actually, there’s a big chance that BMW will offer both, just like Mercedes-Benz does with the AMG S63 and AMG S65. Output should sit close to the 600-horsepower mark to counter the 603 horses delivered by the Mercedes-AMG S63. xDrive AWD is likely to be standard, at least here in the United States. The V-12 engine could be sourced from the M760Li, which uses a twin-turbo, 6.6-liter V-12. This unit cranks out 600 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of twist in the range-topping 7 Series and should be capable of more oomph in the M8. Given that the Mercedes-AMG S65 is good for 621 horses, it wouldn’t be surprising to see BMW push output toward the 650-horsepower mark. Pricing will most likely exceed $160,000.

Read our speculative review of the BMW M8.

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